Super Dave

So I don’t normally write personal posts on here but this has had a major impact on me and my family.  It’s also why I have not been posting much as I have been back and forth from the Hospital.

On September 18 my dad was in a serious accident on  a mountain bike trip in Arizona in which he fractured his cervical spine C4 and was close to death.  He is a professional Mountain biker and has been riding for 20+ years.  After a few weeks in AZ in critical care we were able to raise enough funds through his GOFUNDME page to get him med-flighted home to start his rehabilitation.  He has been diagnosed as being quadripelgic and started off only having slightest of movements in his right arm and a bit of feeling throughout his body but that was it.  The doctors said he would probably never walk again, but my mom told the doctors “you don’t know Dave.”

We were right because this week my Dad took 2 assisted steps!!!!!!!!  He is the strongest person I know and he has kept such a positive attitude since day 1.  He has slowly been having new sensations and movements coming back to him.  He is just totally crushing it at physical therapy!  Go daddy go!!

Every time I visit I am always amazed at what he can do and it leaves me feeling inspired, lucky, and grateful for each day.

In honor of my dad I created this watercolor which is available as prints here in my Shop.   All of the proceeds from it goes toward his ever growing medical Fund.  So thank you for supporting my art because it also is supporting my dad!

We also have a GOFUND me page set up here

Thank you for all the prayers and support! It means so much to me and my family

xoxo Kristy