Helen Dealtry | Floral Watercolor Class

Helen Dealtry is an amazingly talented artist and disctinctive textile designer who lives in NY.  Her gorgeous printed textiles can be seen worldwide.  She is one of my biggest inspirations and I simply adore her work.  I own a few of her original paintings and actually this past winter she bought some of my cupcake and ice cream cone ornaments. How cool is that!!!  You can read more about her and see her gorgeous scarves on her website wokinggirldesigns.com

Helen Dealtry

On Sunday May 10th I was lucky enough to attend her “Floral Watercolors” workshop in Brooklyn, NY.  I was beyond excited to meet her in person and beyond her talent she is such a sweet gal! It was also so nice meeting the other ladies in the class, and I know they all enjoyed the class as much as myself.  It was a non-stop class packed with amazing demos and tons of painting!  She also had a lovely assistant who came around and replaced our painting waters and paper towels which allowed us to continually keep painting non stop.  Time flew by as it always does in such fun classes and I went home with a wealth of new knowledge.

It was a hot summer day (high 80s) and we got to watch her paint outside in the studio courtyard.  It was filled with lush greenery and there were even butterflies flying around.  It really felt magical!  I wish I got a couple pics of the garden but I was so focused on watching and learning that I only took a few pictures.

Helen Dealtry | Floral Watercolors

Helen’s finished demo!

Dealtry Class

The master at work!  It was truly jaw dropping watching how effortless she makes it look!  I mean really, how gorgeous are her florals!

Helen Dealtry | Floral Watercolors

To end the memorable day we were all sent home with a beautiful bouquet of fresh market flowers which I later photographed in our chic hotel room.

Thanks again Helen, I truly had such a wonderful time! xoxo

Floral Bouquet

Floral Bouquet

I’d also like to thank my sister for accompanying me on this NY trip.  It was so much more memorable being able to go with her and explore Brooklyn.  Love you Lynnie!

Kristy and Lynn

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