I had a wonderful snowy weekend visiting my parents.  They have a wide array of animals that come to the house and I always enjoy photographing them and capturing their personalities.  This morning I was taking pictures of the birds when all of a sudden this beautiful creature popped into my viewfinder!  He climbed right up the 7 foot snow drift and onto my parents porch!  It was an amazing moment being stared down by a coyote and I was so glad to have my camera in hand.

14 thoughts on “Coyote

  1. These are amazing shots Kristy! We hear these guys all the time out in the woods near our house in Rowley. Where do your parents live?

  2. Theres a sighting this AM in East Gloucester, MA .Check out facebook pg of Eric Coughlin (gloucester MA) He caught a great pic of this wolf? coyote? hybrid timberwolf? we are all wondering 2/19/15

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